Thursday, December 18, 2008

"Arrakis. Dune. Desert planet."

I have begun writing a spec script for my cinematic vision of Frank Herbert's "Dune". As most Dunatics are aware, the previous film version of the book failed, and the television venture was even more disastrous. Why is this? Is the novel simply unfilmable? No. It is my belief that a talented filmmaker can bring any source material to cinematic life. The problem with the film and tv interpretations of "Dune" is not unfaithfulness to the book, but rather the quality of filmmaking on display. David Lynch's film from the 1980's is well made but inaccessible, while the tv miniseries is just plain bad. 
I have just recently read the book, so my script should be finished in 2 months at most. I definitely want to get it out there before the ball starts rolling on another hollywood stab at "Dune". Peter Berg is tentatively lined up to direct this time around. Berg is the mastermind behind the recent Will Smith classic "Hancock", wherein Smith plays a deadbeat super hero who flies around drunk. I think it won something like 800 Oscars. 
I shall post my spec script on this blog when I finish it.

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